MYMIX – THE PERFECT MIXING SOLUTION! – Test it almost for free!

If you love what you do, you know the feeling of chasing the sublime. You also know the joy of a good tool as an indispensable ingredient to bring your ideas to life. We therefore offer you to test our sublime MyMix for almost free for 2 whole weeks – you will only be charged for the transportation.


To be the best you must keep on bringing the best”, a denominator strictly followed by Limitech and executed through its Research and Development department. Limitech’s R&D department creates new products and existing products are consistently developed to ensure the highest possible efficiency and best solution for both the production of process solutions as well as customers’ needs and requirements.

Limitech offers several R&D lines whether it is for the Food sector or the pharma, personal-care, pet food, powder dissolving, vegan, etc., industry. Limitech’s R&D lines comes in different sizes but are perfect to assist you in your process, which I where Limitech’s MyMiX came to life.

Test the MyMix for almost free in your own factory. Do not hesitate to contact Limitech here to console about your needs in the field of R&D.

Please contact us for booking or if any questions should arise: +45 9824 3144 or

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