Milk Rice, a Christmas tradition or not

Milk rice is the term for both an ingredient and a dish. The ingredient which can be used for the dish bearing the same name. Milk Rice can be a form of plantbased milk that if you are on a vegan or plantbased diet – can used for example Milk Rice also known as Milk Pudding. One of the Christmas traditions in Denmark, when it comes to food at least, is milk rice also known as pudding. In Denmark, milk rice can be made both as meal and turned into a dessert by applying whipped cream. A tradition that has been a part of Denmark for many years, especially for the holiday season. However, despite years of tradition, it does not seem as it has its origination in Denmark.

Milk rice has origins in several different parts of the world as different countries has developed their own milk rice both for desserts, for meals, for Christmas or other traditions.


The popular meal or dessert also has origins back in China where rice was first cultivated on a larger scale, along with India who apart from having a big rice culture also have a big sugar culture, and do you put these together you have the biggest ingredients to the rice pudding as it is known today. In Denmark rice pudding is a national dessert on Christmas eve as well as small children are told that rice milk is the favourite food of Christmas eves.

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