At Limitech, we are both happy and proud to have been awarded the award ‘Success Company’ 2022 by Spar Nord and BDO!

In Denmark there is more than 300,000 active companies but only 1,000 is awarded this years ‘Succes Company’ and we are proud to be óne of them. The succes business award is a prove that Limitech possesses the DNA that is required to contribute to growth and prosperity in a special way, and thereby creating succes to the Danish Business Industry.

Limitech A/S was founded in 1993 by Anders Jellesen and is a business that has shown great perseverance and innovation to establish itself, as the products last for decades and thus make the market difficult to penetrate.

Keywords that certainly had to stand the test of time under during Covid-19 that severely challenged shipping, production and purchasing all over the world. We are therefore extra proud to be able to receive The Business Award ‘Success Company’ 2022 which demonstrates that the above has succeded!

Big congratulations to Limitech’s CEO Jesper Vad Jellesen and the Limitech team, and a large thank you to Gitte Søndergaard and Torben Gyde Jensen who took the trip to Fristrup to present the award.

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