Limitech A/S manufacturers process-solutions for the jam and marmalade industry. An industry Limitech has taken by storm with its three machines in the Cooqer and Penquin lines, which you can read much more about on Products – Limitech A/S.

The history of jam, marmalade and other preserves begins with the history of food preservation. After all, it was only a few centuries ago that that exact expertise was created making it possible to store foods over long periods of time. The history of preserving food takes its start in the Paleolithic period 2,6 million years ago; back when people started to preserve food which could make survival easier during times of scarcity.


Marmalade is a fruit preserve made from fruit, peel and berries boiled with sugar and water. Compared with jam a large quantity of water is added to the fruit in marmalade. The extra liquid being set by the high pectin content of the fruit, marmalade often contains more sugar than jam. The history of jam and marmalade dates to the ancient Greeks who used honey to preserve quinces.


At Limitech A/S we want you to find the machine that covers your needs, may it be a stand-alone or a semi- or fully automated process line. With several decades of experience, Limitech is a strong manufacturer to your process solution(s) and to advise you on the best solution and functions for you, your factory, and processes.

Visit Limitech’s website on www.limitech-eu-com and learn more about Limitech’s history, functions, products, service, engineering-department, etc.

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