The CIP flipside system is a high functional cleaning system, developed and perfectionated by Limitech A/S. The adding of Flipside to CIP guarantees all parts of the machinery is cleaned thoroughly to avoid cross contamination.

The importance of 110% completely clean equipment when changing procedures is evident and so is the efficiency and fastness of the cleaning process. Therefore, we suggest Limitech’s CIP Flipside system were Limitech through its R&D department has invented Flipside valve to make CIP even more efficient.


Are you and your customers focusing on improving plant efficiency, workplace safety, product quality, food safety, and/or profitability? And preferably all in one package? While also being superior to other cleaning systems? – Integrating the automated cleaning system will get you just that!

The CIP-system is a method of cleaning your whole process solution. It is a sanitary process for vessels, tanks, pipes etc. This process involves passing a cleaning fluid across a surface to remove product soils and avoid any form of contamination. All controlled through the PLC/computer system. The Flipside valve is a key feature which ensures the easiest cleaning of dry funnels yet. The flipside valve is the first patented fully automated cleaning of dry funnels for loading dry ingredients in the food industry. Complete automation of the cleaning process with significant benefit in time and easy use for the operator.

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