In the process of manufacturing baby food, the process solution and securing a homogenous product with or without chunks of highest quality is of the essence. Limitech provides solutions for all stages of baby foods:

Stage 1: Pureeing for 4-6 months old

Stage 2: Thicker consistency for 6-9 months old.

Stage 3: Soft and chewable chunks for the 10-12 months old.

Our engineer department is known worldwide for their customized solutions fitting your processes and manufacturing facilities.


  • Safe food production
  • High variety of different products
  • The ability to easily change the different mixer units provides the possibility to produce a high variety of different baby foods all under the same high safety standards.
  • Certifications on the different stages of baby food.

Through decades Limitech has perfected its solutions to ensure the highest product quality and safety standards. Therefore, the business is also proud of its CIP cleaning system securing no contamination of the products while securing the solution total cleanability. Should you have any questions on the solutions we deliver or what would be fitting for your product – please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail. We are always ready for dialogue on your needs and what we can offer. Our product LiMiX 1 and LiMiX 3 are two of our flagships and forged specifically to mix products as baby food or other easy consumed foods.

The LiMiX 1 is our flagship and one of the most versatile and efficient food mixers you will find on today’s market. It is a multifunctional mixer offering everything needed – incl maximum flexibility. The LiMiX 3 is specially designed for food production where manual cleaning is preferred. The mixer is specifically designed for easy processing of e.g. purees and smoothies.

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