Stews Machine

Stews Machine

Machine for stews

A stew is a casserole dish which often slow cooks for several hours. The dish is popular because of the high variety of different flavors one can add to the dish as well as you can use almost every kind of meat and vegetables.

Short history about the origins of stew

Going back to the history books, the world’s oldest known evidence of stew was found in different parts of the world and it could seem that more than one country found their way to the popular slow cooking dish.  Herodotus, who is an ancient Greek historian who was born in the Roman empire, is often referred as the founding father of history. He stated that the ancient tribe the Scythians back in the 8th to 4th BC centuries was the first to cook a dish, that we likely could refer to a stew. Herodotus stated that they would usually put flesh into an animal’s paunch mixed water with it and boiled over the bonfire. In this way an ox or any other sacrificed beast was resourcefully made to boil itself. As previously described, the stew has an old history and did not only go back to the Scythians but also 8,000 years back to Japan and the Amazonian as well. The Amazonians would among others usually use turtles as a vessel for the form of stew detected in the area.  

Process equipment and standalone machine for stews

The process equipment from Limitech for the process of stews is developed to not damage the wanted particles but process the wanted particles while keeping the bigger chunks as for example meat in the wanted sizes. You can make different kind of stews on the Limitech machine because of its multifunctionality due to its easy changing of mixing tools. The LiMiX 1 is a powerfull mixer as it is equipped with a high shear mixer in the bottom of the tank as well as agitators keeping the product from burning on tank walls while also making sure all the product is led through the mixing wheel. By having both mixing and agitation you product can be thoroughly mixed and the wanted chunks and larger particles can be stirred through agitation. 


Limitech’s high shear mixer is world known and could by far be categorized as the mixers answer on “Mike Tyson’s left hook”. Its capacity, efficiency and power has been perfectionated for decades into the mixer it is today. Limitech’s High Shear Mixer is used in several different industries as in the adhesives, food, personal care, pharma, plastic industries, etc. among others because of the possibility for easy changing of mixing tools which makes Limitech’s High Shear mixer both versatile and multifunctional.

The Limitech High-Shear mixer is the frontrunner it its field and secure high capacity and efficiency while being innovatively perfectionated to fit perfectly into a lot of different industries, and to be able to be fit a specific process of a given product. The process solution may be versatile to fit into the process of several different industries; however, it has been perfectionated for years into different mixing tools fitting different processes, industries and products.  

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