Hollandaise Sauce Machine

Hollandaise Sauce Machine

Machine for Hollandaise sauce

One of the five mother sauces in French cuisine is considered to be the Hollandaise sauce. The light-yellow sauce is one of the key ingredients of eggs benedict and is also often served to vegetables as asparagus.  

Short history about hollandaise sauce

Sauce Hollandaise is French for “Dutch sauce”. The name “Dutch sauce” was found in English history as early as 1753. The first documented recipe is from 1651 in La Varennes’s Le Cuisine Francaise for the composition of dish: Asparagus with fragrant sauce. However, not long after, in 1667 to be exact, a similar Dutch recipe was published. A theory that has become quite popular over the years, is that the name Dutch or Hollandaise sauce comes from a recipe that the French Huguenots brought back from their exile in Holland. 

Process equipment for hollandaise sauce

For decades, Limitech has been the supplier to the sauce and condiment industry as for example hollandaise sauce. Limitech’s high shear mixer LiMiX 1 is the frontrunner in its field and secure high capacity and efficiency while being innovatively perfectionated to fit perfect into a lot of different industries because of its changeable mixing tools, making this high shear mixer both multifunctional and versatile. 


Limitech’s high shear mixer is world known and could by far be categorized as the mixers answer on “Mike Tyson’s left hook”. Its capacity, efficiency and power has been perfectionated for decades into the mixer it is today. Limitech’s High Shear Mixer is used in several different industries as in the adhesives, food, personal care, pharma, plastic industries, etc. among others because of the possibility for easy changing of mixing tools which makes Limitech’s High Shear mixer both versatile and multifunctional.

The Limitech High-Shear mixer is the frontrunner it its field and secure high capacity and efficiency while being innovatively perfectionated to fit perfectly into a lot of different industries, and to be able to be fit a specific process of a given product. The process solution may be versatile to fit into the process of several different industries; however, it has been perfectionated for years into different mixing tools fitting different processes, industries and products.  

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